3M Etch Look Vinyl

$2.20 inc GST

Ever wondered how to get that etch look, with out needing to spend hours engraving?

Look no further! We stock only 3M Vinyl as we know and trust it as being the highest of quality and super easy to work with. It cuts beautifully on all vinyl cutters and on Cricut / Silhouette.

Engravings will take mere minutes as opposed to hours and will give your products a perfect finish that will leave repeatable results time and time again.

We recommend applying wet for the best results as this will eliminate bubbles!

3M Brand is an industry leader that is the professionals choice over most other brands.

Sold in squares of 330×305 precut material. Dimensions of sheet might vary by 1-2mm.

Processing time is approximately (Not inc shipping) - Express 1-2 business day, Standard 3-7 business days

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