Boring Info..

Located in Gepps Cross, Adelaide, South Australia, we can offer pickup, custom shape cutting, large orders and commercial quantities.  We welcome orders by both general public and businesses with  means of quantity discounts available automatically.

Please check out our FAQ page for more information – https://acrylicblanks.com.au/contact/

The more interesting about us..

Back in 2018, we started this business as a small side hustle to compliment our day jobs as a fun little thing to do on the weekend, it was a interesting way to spend time as a couple. We already had a small, very cheap laser that was purchased a few years prior to feed hubbies interest in making things with machines. In our little shed behind our tiny house with a white picket fence was a tight squeeze for us both of us to operate in, but we made it work! 

Day after day we’d come home and go straight back to outside to work on the side hustle, it wasn’t uncommon for Aaron to poke his head back inside for dinner, help clean up,  then disappear back outside again. This was the routine for many months, sometimes working 12-14 hour days to make sure orders were complete and ready to go. We soon made regulars of the couriers and Australia Post drivers, leaving them a nice little pile of orders by our front door to pick-up whilst we were at work. 

It wasn’t long until we realised that we had a knack for this business, having a heavy background in engineering and design, Aaron took to drawing simple shapes and running the machines very easily, whilst Rachael with her background in healthcare worked her magic in the customer service department, answering your many questions and queries. Just months after starting it was apparent we needed some larger machines, so somehow we managed to fit a laser twice the size into our little shed. (I do have photos somewhere, just have to find them!)

It was probably only a year after we began that Rachael had the preposterous idea of renting a commercial shed to move the business to, Aaron, being extremely cautious was hard against it at first, but after a few more weeks of working solid 14 hr days, it was apparent she was right, and so the journey began.. We found the perfect little shed just a 5 minute drive from our house, it was also perfect timing that Aaron’s younger brother had just finished high school and was looking for a job, it just so happened that I was keen on an employee! So, we hired our first worker, and boy he was a gem. 

Sean, the younger brother, practically handled all your orders for about 2 months, we even bought a second laser to help keep wait times low. It wasn’t long until we realised he needed help, so we brought another young lad, local as well, on to the little team. Between the two of them, they kept busy all day, working hard to get your orders complete on time, with Aaron still coming in to run the more complex parts after work. 

Then came COVID-19.. We panicked.. No orders for days.. We thought that was it… Aaron started designing other products like gym equipment and COVID related things, even managing to strike a deal with a local online retailer to manufacture gym boxes for them! But, then, you all came back – like a freight train! We were exponentially busier by the week, at the time we were the only online retailer of blanks and accessories, so we figured everyone was gearing up for a craft filled lockdown! 

This continued for months and months with no let up, we adapted, grew bigger and bigger, even having to deal with a copy cat business’s and increased competition,  we moved past that and just kept to ourselves, making sure we weren’t the ones doing the copying and just continued to do our thing, this paid off and our customers noticed and rallied behind us. 

We made really good friends with our local suppliers and struck some good deals with some interstate ones, trying to buy acrylic during COVID was difficult! Everyone was using them for sneeze guards.. But our suppliers came through and kept us fully stocked throughout (This is why it pays to be nice 😉 ) We soon outgrew the little warehouse  and had to move.. 

Fast forward to our Gepps Cross location, we have now heavily invested in some of the best equipment we could get our hands on, a solid team, comprised of 80% family members and continuing relations with our fantastic suppliers and many customers. Acrylic Blanks is built on a foundation on continual improvement, constantly learning and adapting to our customers needs. We focus on high quality finishes for all our acrylic products, community and event support and most importantly – Customer Support.  

We do our absolute best to get things out the door quickly, although not always the case during peak times, we advertise our processing times per product, in the product, so you are always aware of what to expect. We are only a phone call away if you ever need help, although we do prefer email. With over 150+ 5 Star reviews on google and over 70 on Facebook, we must be doing something right! 

We’ve worked extremely hard to maintain our position as the #1 Supplier in Australia, we hope that you see this effort in every product we produce and we sincerely appreciate every order we receive <3 

Aaron & Rachael – Don’t forget our mascots Millie and Mabel!