Combine Orders

Yes, if your order has not been shipped or marked as complete you may still have the opportunity to combine the order with a new one to save on shipping.

The process for creating a combined order is –

  1. Check order status is still “Processing” – Once passed the processing stage we cannot guarantee the orders will be combined however we will always try to do so.
  2. Place additional order on the website – note order number ( 6 digits )
  3. Use the form below to submit your request to have orders combined.
  4. We’ll then combine your order and recalculate the postage based on the new weight of the combination, we will use the postage fees from the second order to cover the additional costs of combining, this may not match quoted prices from the website. If there is excess it will be refunded back to you at the time of packing both orders.
  5. FREE SHIPPING– to qualify for this your first order must have already been over $100 and entitled to free shipping (metro areas)
  6. Do not select pickup if your first order was not pickup.