Custom Orders

Custom Orders

We do accept custom orders, however, please be aware that we do charge a minimum $100 for any custom order, we will advise you of the individual products cost and how many you would need to order to meet this minimum. If you are planning a reasonable order, this won’t be an issue. Please use the related topic on our support portal to lodge a custom order.  Or alternatively, make a new product suggestion within the support portal. 

– Laser Cutting

  • Max size 900×600
  • Acrylic from 2mm to 20mm Thick ( We stock 2mm-10mm Generally)
  • 3mm Plywood (Other thicknesses available depending on order size)
  • We can laser etch into acrylic or plywood 

– CNC Router 

  • We can cut acrylic & woods up to 2400×1200 on our CNC Router (Large shapes, circles, rectangles, crescents, stars, hexagons, etc) (Router has a minimum of $50)
  • On request, we can cut large circles and shapes from A Grade Plywood 12mm thick. 

When entering your information into the support ticket, please ensure you select the correct “Help Topic” so that your request gets allocated to the right people 🙂 Lodge one here – support portal