Custom Orders

Custom Orders– we can cut your supplied files in any of our materials and ship it direct to you. We take orders of 1 piece to 10,000 (Not kidding). There are additional discounts for larger orders and you are welcome to supply your own material if we don’t stock it.

Minimum Charges – Please be aware that we do charge a minimum fee of $45 for any custom order. Additional Fees may apply if you cannot supply a file in the following formats, correctly setup for laser cutting – EPS, SVG, PDF, DXF, PNG.

Design Service – if you are unable to create the files required for cutting, a simple sketch, photo example or detailed descriptions will be enough for our talented in house Graphic Designers to handle this for you for an additional charge.

Choose from our online sizes – We have a range of custom sizes that can be ordered directly from the website, see if they match your requirements and view them all here – Custom Sizes

Our Capabilities

– Laser Cutting

  • Max size 1500×2500
  • Acrylic from 2mm to 20mm Thick ( We stock 2mm-10mm Generally)
  • 3mm Plywood (Other thicknesses available depending on order size)
  • Engraving on acrylic or plywood up to 1500x2500mm

– CNC Router 

  • Max Size 1800x3000mm (Router has a minimum of $80 for setup)
  • Acrylic from 2mm to 50mm
  • Other Plastics
  • ACM Panel
  • Plywood 6-30mm
  • Foam PVC 

Making a Request

Please send through your requests to us at, please ensure you have a suitable vector file for us to quote from.

If you don’t have a file and require assistance please email us at and we will get back to you in 2-3 business days.