Points and Rewards

Standard Customers

Our points and rewards system will allow you accumulate points to receive discounts across are massive range of products. Every dollar spent will equal points retained in your account for later use. You may redeem your points for a discount on orders and recoup new ones to provide a discount on your next order and so forth. Points will expire in 3 months time, so don’t leave it too long!

For Wholesale

Are you a small or large business?

We offer quantity discounts for the majority of our products. Business and companies can make use of these simply purchasing in the larger quantities we expect businesses to be purchasing in. Having an approved wholesale account will enable further discounts within our points system. Allowing you better pricing for subsequent orders. In order to continue receiving this discount, you will need to place subsequent orders valued over $100 to continue receiving discount, you can use the points gained in previous orders for discount on these subsequent orders. Points will expire if not used after 3 months. Free Shipping is also available for orders over $100 for both standard and wholesale customers.

Apply for Wholesale access here


What likens my chance of being an approved wholesale user?

  • Having an ABN number, with a business entity (Sole Trader or Company) That directly relates to the business use of blanks within your offerings
  • Proven sales, if you’ve made some orders as a normal customer and now wish to upgrade, this is a great way for us to approve you quickly as we can see your track record as a good customer.
  • Friendly past interactions with our staff, helps us want to work with you, as much as you want to work with us, its a two way street.