Terms and Conditions


Material furnished by suppliers to seller are warranted only to the extent of the original manufacturer’s express warranty to seller. THE FOREGOING WARRANTY IS EXCLUSIVE AND IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, WHETHER WRITTEN, ORAL, OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING ANY WARRANTY OF PERFORMANCE, MERCHANTABILITY, OR FITNESS FOR PURPOSE. Seller will make no allowance for repairs or alterations to the product made by the buyer, unless made with the advance written consent of the seller. The foregoing shall constitute the sole remedy of buyer and the sole liability of the seller.

Postage & Pickup

 The delivery times listed on checkout relate to the delivery only and cannot be used as a definite – only to be used as a guide and we will not be held liable if deliveries are longer than said times. Processing times vary from a day to 7 Business days and we will always do our best to maintain low processing times. In the event of damage on arrival, please contact the shipping carrier in the first instance. In the event of a product being listed as “Available on Backorder” we cannot ship other item separately without asking for you to pay the extra in shipping to do so. All delivery times are listed in business days.

Returns & Damage on Arrival

We would never intentionally send our customers a defective product nor send them an incorrect quantity. If this is the case with your order, please calmly contact us via our Facebook page, or the contact page on this website and we will do our best to find a suitable arrangement that works. We do not accept returns based on the fact you chose the wrong item or did not read the description correctly, we are as honest as possible in the description, so please read it carefully. If you have any questions, or wish to find out more about your rights as a consumer, please contact us or alternatively, follow this link to view the Australian Consumer Law.  PLEASE ENSURE YOU HAVE PEELED PROTECTIVE FILM OFF PRODUCTS – All Mirror is one sided, do not peel grey (Its what produces the mirror). Masking can be either thin plastic film or paper, all other colours is two sided protection. 

Cancellation Policy

All cancelled orders are subject to a 5% restocking fee. As all orders are generally cut to order way ahead of time, we have generally already accounted for your order being completed days ahead of when it would be ready to ship. The only time this may not apply is when we have contacted you in regards to not being able to supply for any reason. This fee covers our time for the administration time associated with all tasks pertaining to the cancellation of your order.

Our waiting times are clearly advertised and can vary throughout the year depending on demand, please make sure you have adequately allowed enough time. Remember Processing time + Highest Shipping time = Delivery time (Highest Shipping time because we cannot assume that couriers actually run on time! Our average shipping times are estimates only, actual shipping time is only given once order has shipped.)

Limitation of Liability

Seller’s liability on any claim of any kind, including negligence, for any loss or damages arising out of, connected with, or resulting from this contract, or from the performance of breach thereof, or from the manufacture, sale, delivery, resale, repair or use of any product covered by or furnished under this contract, shall in no case exceed the price of the product or part thereof which gives rise to the claim. IN NO EVENT SHALL SELLER BE LIABLE FOR SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, OR FOR DAMAGES IN THE NATURE OF PENALTIES. 


Buyer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless seller of and from any and all claims or liabilities asserted against seller in connection with the manufacture, sale, delivery, resale or use of any product covered by or furnished under this contract arising in whole or in part out of or by reason of the failure of the buyer, its agents, servants, employees, or customers to follow instructions, warnings or recommendations furnished by seller in connection with such product or by reason of the negligence of buyer, its agents, servants, employees or customers.

Electronic Goods

It is not recommended to leave products unattended powered on for extended periods of time. Remove batteries when not in use.