Double Slot Acrylic Sign Stands

$8.99$24.90 inc GST

Hand polished crystal clear acrylic bases!

Made from super thick acrylic, these bases are our premium solution to hold your signs. We’ve hand polished the outside edges to be super straight and clear to give it an absolutely brilliant finish that will look great in any lighting.

Slots are 7mm deep x 3.2-3.5mm wide to fit 3mm acrylic.

70mm wide in varying lengths.


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The product will only include the base.

Fitment of acrylic –

Acrylic Can vary in thickness from 2.8-3.5mm in some cases, the average is 3.1mm Thick. This can cause some fitment issues with the bases.

9/10 times it will fit perfect, but In the odd case it doesn’t, the slots can be sanded out with normal sandpaper to increase the size slightly.

If its the other direction and the slot is too large, a couple of pieces of vinyl can be added to the acrylic that’s being inserted in thin strips, to slightly increase the thickness locally.