Wooden Sign Stands

$6.96$24.69 inc GST

Natural Product – Might have blemishes, knots and odd grain, that just adds to the magic!

Handcrafted from locally sourced hardwoods, this semi finished stand is the perfect accessory to that rustic look. Semi finished, to allow the customer to add any stain or oil to complete look if necessary – we recommend natural mineral oil, it really makes the grain pop! Slot is 10mm deep x 3.2-3.5mm wide to fit 3mm acrylic.

Best of all, they are completely reusable – if your clients give them back that is!

70x32mm in varying lengths.

All photos are of bases un-oiled except the one in the table setting.


Discounts for Quantities of 5- (2% Off), 10- (5% off), 30 - ( 10% off )


Fitment of acrylic –

Acrylic Can vary in thickness from 2.8-3.5mm in some cases, the average is 3.1mm Thick. This can cause some fitment issues with the bases.

9/10 times it will fit perfect, but In the odd case it doesn’t, the slots can be sanded out with normal sandpaper to increase the size slightly.

If its the other direction and the slot is too large, a couple of pieces of vinyl can be added to the acrylic that’s being inserted in thin strips, to slightly increase the thickness locally.