Spiderweb Blank Set

$13.50 inc GST

Peel and Stick Collection
Spiderweb Blank Set

No more glue mess, all our peel and stick blanks come with an adhesive backing. Just peel and stick, no more worrying about glue oozing out the sides.

Dimensions: 3 spiderwebs in Matte White 3mm acrylic with adhesive backing.

– Small Spiderweb:  100mm x 86mm
– Big Spiderweb:  150mm x 139mm
– Corner Spiderweb:  111mm x 65mm


All normal colours will have protective film on both sides that will need to be peeled. Mirrors are one sided, the other side has a grey back (Like a normal mirror) – Will have protective film on usable side.

Processing time is approximately (Not inc shipping) - Express 1-2 business day, Standard 3-7 business days