Scrunchie and Earring Holder with Wooden Stand

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Organise your scrunchies and earrings neatly with our Acrylic Scrunchie and Earring holder.

Our scrunchie holders come in a range of beautiful colours but please feel free to let us know if you would like these to be available in any other colours.

We’ve left you a nice little space at the bottom to personalise it! Featuring 32 neatly spaced 3mm holes to hold your precious earrings with plenty of room.

The perfect combination! A 150x210mm (15cm x 21cm) Acrylic Scrunchie Holder,  with a stand specially cut to form a fit like porridge ( Not too tight, not too loose!)


1x Acrylic

1x Wooden Base

These stands are hand crafted and left raw finish for finishing in your own preference, we prefer natural mineral oil, available from Ikea and other hardware shops.

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