LED Photo Frame (RGB)

$14.99$18.59 inc GST

Mini wood LED photo frame change up the mood by selecting one of 7 different color modes just by clicking the mode button. There are also flashing RGB and fading RGB lights modes. You can also set the brightness for each light color. Slot width is 6mm and you can insert the acrylic plate from the top of led wood frame.

If selected, the included acrylic is 2mm thick (4.5mm also available) making it easy for engraving in Cricut machines. The base can take up to 4-5mm thick acrylic if required.

Acrylic is supplied blank, with protective paper on which will need to be removed before use.

Power cable may be black or white depending on stock available.

Overall Dimensions are 17cm x 21cm



Meets all relevant Australian Standards

10 or more = 2% off, 20 or more = 5% off, 30 or more = 7.5% off



  • 7 RGB lights, flashing and fading RGB light modes
  • USB Powered
  • Elegant design with support for standing.
  • High quality RGB SMD LED strip
  • Solid wood.