Custom Size Acrylic Blank Square

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Acrylic Square in any size!

Quickly and easily custom order whatever size square you require, without needing human contact!

Order up to a maximum of 1200mm (120cm) wide &  1200mm (120cm) high with this product.

To order a Square simply enter the length and width equally.

If Holes are selected,  we have the option for 10mm,  9mm (For Standoffs), 6mm, 3mm or 1mm on one side, on all four corners (for stand offs), or one in each diagonal corner. If you require something other then these choices, please get in contact with us.

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Please note -Parma Violet is available in a maximum size of 1200x600mm –

Beige and Sage are available in maximum size of 600x900mm

If ordered above this size, it will be refunded automatically.


This product is classified as a custom order item and has allowances in built to the price to cover setup and programming of machines, thus prices will not be comparable to stocked items, please check that we do not stock the size you require already, refunds for mistakes will not be issued.

All our products are cut to size for your particular order, we do not offer refunds if you have selected the wrong size, nor will we clarify with you after ordering, before shipping, so please choose carefully!