Acrylic Oval with Optional Base 150x200mm

$2.80$8.25 inc GST

150x200mm Acrylic Oval, with optional accompanying base in matching colour.

Base is supplied loose.

Optional Holes x2 3mm Holes situated at the top of the oval.

Mirrors, due to being mirrors, have a grey backing that is apart of the mirror, this cannot be removed and should be considered in your selection.

Images are to show colour options only, actual product is shown when nothing is selected.

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Discounts for Quantities of 10 - (2.5% Off), 50 - (5% off), 100 - ( 10% off ) Can be mixed colours


Base may require fitting to the acrylic. Due to the variance in acrylic thickness from the manufacturer, we cannot guarantee that it will be a tight fit and stand dead straight, there may be some slight wobble or angle to it. If this is the case, please use an epoxy based adhesive or acrylic specific adhesive to secure. Alternatively if it is too tight, it may require sanding of the slot in the base.