A1 Acrylic Rectangle (594x891mm)

$29.00$93.50 inc GST

Supplied blank & ready for signage!

A1 Size ( 891x594mm) With polished edges, your choice of holes for hanging and perfectly rounded corners!

Dazzle and wow with these larger Acrylic Panels!

Hole size affects Hanging Holes only. Florist holes are all 6mm (0.6cm). If you choose the slots hole option these will be 2x hanging slots measuring 1cm high by 4cm wide.


  • If either nothing is selected or ‘No’ is chosen for Holes or Hanging Hole Location, this will override the Hanging Hole  option chosen and your acrylic will come with no Holes. Please ensure all four options are properly selected.

Currently on Sale

  • Matte Black 3mm - No - Portrait - None
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Discounts for Quantities of 3 - (5% Off), 5 - (7.5% off), 10 - ( 15% off )


Discounts for quantities!

Landscape Narrow Holes are two 10mm Holes 250mm apart from the center.

Portrait Narrow Holes are two 10mm Holes 250mm apart from the center

Landscape Wide Holes are two 10mm Holes 120mm from the end, 20mm from the top.

Portrait Wide Holes are two 10mm Holes 30mm from the Corners.

Florist Holes are two 6mm diagonal holes in each corner depending on orientation selected.

Can also have a combination of holes as per the gallery photos!

Acrylic is 3mm Thick for all colours, supplied with protective coatings on both sides, mirror is protected on one side only, other side is grey backing for the mirror ( Like a normal mirror, just acrylic! )

Supplied Blank, of course 🙂

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