933 x1400 Detailed Arch Backdrop

$299.00 inc GST

With the folding stand, you can set this up in as little as 30 seconds! This product is 35cm deep, meaning you can push it right up close to a wall with no issues. The stand will fold away, creating a super portable backdrop, perfect for hiring out.

If you wish to change its colour, we recommend priming the surface with a suitable plastic style primer. Spot checks of paint adhesion is recommended on the back surface before painting the front, we have successfully tested with primers and paints from Bunnings or other similar retailers.

Vinyl and other stickers and labels will adhere and remove from the flat white surface with no issues, allowing this product to be used over and over again.

We can also print directly to the surface if you have a particular event decor theme in mind.

The material can be drilled and glued to, if you wish to add hooks or other accessories to aid things such as balloon garlands.


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Setup the perfect arrangement with our commercial grade backdrops!

This arch features a hinged stand and a paintable flat white surface.

Made from light weight materials that are both strong and durable but easy to transport and setup. It weighs only 10kg, which makes it ergonomically possible for almost any one to pickup and move.

The perfect flat white surface allows this product to be painted any colour you wish, right at home, or in your workplace.

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