50mm Acrylic Square Price Tag With Base

$1.80$2.50 inc GST

Add these sleek price tags to your shop or market display.

To display your price simply add vinyl or for an easy option we recommend to use a chalk marker

For a complete fit we recommend gluing the acrylic into the base. Glue can be purchased here or any acrylic friendly glue can be used

Dimensions: 50mm x 52mm Square with base

Let us know if you would like any other colours added to this product!

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Base may require fitting to the acrylic. Due to the variance in acrylic thickness from the manufacturer, we cannot guarantee that it will be a tight fit and stand dead straight, there may be some slight wobble or angle to it. If this is the case, please use an epoxy based adhesive or acrylic specific adhesive to secure. Alternatively if it is too tight, it may require sanding of the slot in the base.