450mm Wide Oval LED Base

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Professional sized Oval LED base, perfect for those projects requiring something a little extra large!

Measuring a whopping 450x60x20mm, these bases are perfect shop front, large signage and large area signage.


  • Dual Colours LEDs in one light! Both Warm White and White.
  • Inline remote control
  • Centered Acrylic Insert for maximum clarity (Both 6mm and 2mm Inserts)
  • USB powered (5V)
  • Cool to touch LEDs
  • Dimmer to control brightness
  • Made from solid Beech Wood
  • Slot is 6.5-6.7mm x 400mm

Featuring dual colour LEDs, providing both warm white and white colours via the inline remote on the USB cable.

The LEDs can also be dimmed via the remote, which will allow adjustment of the light output to suit the surrounding environment.

Our bases can utilize either a 6 mm or 2 mm thick insert (With centering spacers). 6mm is suitable for those applying vinyl or engraving via CNC Routers or Lasers, whilst 2mm is compatible with both Vinyl and etching using Cricut style machines. Our 2mm inserts are centered in the base to provide the best light output.

Compatible with standard USB outlets just like all our other bases, we do not include any adapters to convert from 240v to USB.

Power is supplied via the 5V USB built in cable.

Inserts measure 445×295 mm in either 6 or 2mm thickness.

6mm inserts may require some packing in the form of vinyl strips applied to the tab if a straight up and down fit is required.

Addition Inserts can be purchased here –

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