Online Quoting and Order

Free Shipping on all standard orders placed through this system within Australia!

New to Acrylic Blanks Australia, online ordering and quoting for our laser cutting services!

Let us cut your products for you in our state of the art laser cutting facility, from our high quality materials.

If you have a vector file in one of these formats and know how to edit/create vectors, this is a massive time saving for both us and yourself. It accepts DXF, PDF, AI, SVG to name a few.

Be sure to create any lines of shapes on different colour layers, we typically use black for cutting lines, red for etching lines, and blue for engraving.

Another thing to note is that you typically need to convert to paths before exporting as well.

Check it out here

For a in depth instruction manual for creating vectors using free programs, check out this guide – Designing & Exporting – Inkscape

Simply upload a file:

Select your material and assign layers, ensure you check the scale is correct, we use millimeters.

Don’t forget to up the quantity, to help spread out the setup fee!

Best of all, all orders put through the system have free standard shipping within Australia.

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