Rectangle Light Base Blank – Tab


100x150mm – 2mm Thick Acrylic Blank for Lightbases. 70x15mm Tab on the bottom that is compatible with our Black RGB Light Bases.

Add the spacer plate to ensure a neat fit into our Bases.




Compatible with

Spacer Plate for Black RGB Bases

15mm x 70mm to fit in behind the shape supplied for the light bases. Will make the shape stand straight and will give it a nice snug fit.

LED Light Base (RGB)

Change up the mood by selecting one of 7 different color modes just by pushing the control button on the base. The LED Base is powered by 10 long life, super bright LED lights, which never get hot and use very little energy. The unit is powered by either USB, or 3 AA batteries .


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Additional information

Weight 0.04 kg
Dimensions 150 × 115 × 2 mm

Clear, Frosted